Artist of the week: Dimer Ynni

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We delve into the world (or should we say universe) of Dimer Ynni this week for our featured artist of the week. Dimer Ynni is Swansea electronic music producer Anthony Watkins who has the ability to make a significant impact on listeners with his emotive & atmospheric music.

Aside from making music (and making a mean coffee - go grab one from him at Square Peg, the boy knows his stuff!), Anthony has a keen interest in nature and science - and this translates through and is woven into the music he produces. 

His track Nocturnal has a hypnotic quality to it. It draws you in and allows you to dissect the textures that he’s created and if you listen carefully you’ll hear the sounds of a jungle from Thailand, that Anthony sampled on his travels some years ago. 

His second original track samples space itself (through audio recordings released by NASA). Aptly titled Galactic, it again has a superb quality to it that makes you really listen to the sounds created. 

You can tell that Anthony has many influences too. A self confessed lover of techno & trance music from his formative years growing up in Pontadawe matched with his newer musical discoveries including Bonobo, Radiohead, Nil’s Frahm & James Blake. 

A third production of his is a cover of a section of Hanz Zimmer’s score for Interstellar. One thing is for sure with Anthony’s music - it’s incredibly clever. The way he weaves science, nature and his musical influences in his music is great and contributes to a really unique sound. 

Even the name Dimer Ynni is clever and ties into his influences. Dimer is a scientific word (that I can’t even try and explain to you - something to do with oligomers and monomers???) and Ynni is Welsh for energy!

We’re really excited to see what’s next for Dimer Ynni. If it’s anything like the first three tunes he’s put out, we‘re in for a treat!

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Written by Simon Parton

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