Supporting original music & creativity in Swansea


Welcome to the Swansea Music Hub website, thanks for stopping by! The Swansea Music Hub is a community venture with the overall aim of supporting and improving the Swansea original music scene for everyone whether you're a musician, a promoter, a venue owner, a gig goer or just interested in original music in Swansea. 


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The Swansea Music Hub is currently a two man operation, coordinated by Joe Bayliss & Simon Parton. We are working voluntarily as we feel passionate about original and live music in Swansea and the potential that Swansea has as a music scene. Currently, the Swansea Music Hub has no capital funding, sponsors or grants, but we're looking to grow the project to have a sustainable future providing support, events, education & facilities to musicians and those interested in music in Swansea. 

 Since running The Swansea Fringe Festival in 2017 it has been overwhelming to see such a great and positive energy surrounding the Swansea music scene. Over that first Festival weekend, it was so encouraging to see so many local musicians come together and celebrate what we have to offer, as a city, all in one place. Our second year running the festival was exactly the same.

Off the back of this, we wanted to start something that continues this excitement and that offers a platform for musicians in Swansea to shout about what they are doing, where they are gigging, discuss the scene and what needs to improve -to offer opportunities for musicians to connect, progress and develop.


We are tired of people saying “there’s not really a music scene in Swansea”. - Because there is. 

We are tired of people saying “there’s never any live music in Swansea”. - Because there is. 

We are tired of people saying “there aren’t many opportunities for musicians in Swansea.” - Because there is. 


We want this outlook on our great city and it’s incredible talent to change.

We can’t wait to connect with you all and shout loud about what’s happening in the Swansea music scene.


Music Is Important