The Swansea Music Hub is currently a two man operation, coordinated by Simon Parton & Joe Bayliss. We are working voluntarily as we feel passionate about original and live music in Swansea and the potential that Swansea has as a music scene. Currently, the Swansea Music Hub has no capital funding, sponsors or grants, but we're looking to grow the project to have a sustainable future providing support, events, education & facilities to musicians and those interested in music in Swansea. 

We want the Swansea Music Hub to be a community venture with the overall aim of supporting and improving the Swansea music scene.

We want it to be a place where ideas, creativity, events and opportunities can be shared all in one place for musicians and those interested in music.

Let's Move Forward Together

We want you to be a part of this.

Whether you’re a musician or whether you’re just passionate about making Swansea’s music scene flourish, we’re all in this together.

One thing we are sure of is Swansea has incredible potential. There are so many talented people doing really amazing things. We want this website to showcase this. 

We are encouraging all those involved and interested in original & live music in Swansea to use the hashtag #SwanseaMusic on all social media streams. This way we can pick up events, releases, opportunities and more for musicians in Swansea to share them with our wider audience. 

Meet The Team

Simon Parton

Simon Parton

Joe Bayliss

Joe Bayliss


Joe and Simon ran the Swansea Fringe Festival in September/October, 2017 and were really encouraged to see such a great vibe and energy surrounding the Swansea music scene for the weekend. They did not want this energy to disappear and began to feel increasingly animated about making Swansea’s music scene thrive - the Swansea Music Hub was the next logical step for them.

Both Joe and Simon are experienced, working musicians who have grown up in Swansea. Both compose, teach, produce and perform and are incredibly passionate about developing / expanding upon access to music (be it through live gigs, learning and/or promoting it to hard-to-reach audiences). 

Music is important.