Gig of the week: Lifting Gear Engineer at Mozarts

The best thing about starting the Swansea Music Hub has been discovering so many different artists doing such high quality stuff in Swansea. Every week we're discovering new artists in so many different styles and it's so encouraging and exciting to see so many live shows showcasing this throughout the city. 

What's also incredibly encouraging is that the number of gigs we want to get to seem to be multiplying at an incredible rate & it's becoming increasingly more difficult to pick one to feature as our gig of the week! 

Quite often, when we (Simon & Joe) discover something or someone new, we seem to have some weird telepathic link and we'll both message each other saying "have you heard or seen this!?". One of these artists that got both of us talking was Lifting Gear Engineer and when we saw that he was doing a live show this week in Mozarts we were both very excited. 

With electronic music of the highest calibre, Lifting Gear Engineer (aka Rob Morgan) will be showcasing his new glitchy electronic tunes including some from his forthcoming album out on Machine Records

Joining him is Fel Y Boi aka Aled from Salvador Sanchez who will be playing "Songs from the edges". Doors open at 7:30 / £4.00 entry.