National Album Day 2019

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To celebrate National Album Day 2019, we asked a bunch of people for their favourite album by a Swansea artist / musician & their reasons why. We’d have love to feature many many more, so if you have a suggestion get in touch on our Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram!

Arteries - Dead Sea (2010)

"Peaceful and chaotic in equal measure, just like the city it was born from"

Chosen by Scott Neil (Resident DJ at Sin City / former Hot Mass guitarist) | Full album link

King of Despair - Harpoon (2009)

"It's a masterpiece as far as I’m concerned"

Chosen by Tom Emlyn (News From Nowhere / Bandicoot) - read Tom’s review of the album in the Soundboard Magazine (issue #7) | Full album link

Cities - Manning Alaska [EP] (2015)

"It’s like the sound track to a gritty road trip movie that’s not yet been made... probably starring Nicholas cage"

Chosen by Sarah Birch (Sarah Birch / Lost Tuesday Society) - N.B. we know this isn’t strictly an album, but we made an allowance because it’s a banger. | Full EP link

Prosperina - faith in sleep (2012)

"The album is so huge, it’s a wall of sound! Yet at the same time, it’s also delicate and melodic, the way they contrast the dynamics really gives the music a lot of impact and feel"

Chosen by Joel Williams (Inscape) | Full Album Link

the Pooh Sticks - orgasm (1991)

"A Polaroid photograph, slightly faded and a tiny bit embarrassing, but still well preserved, catching a fleeting moment in time perfectly; maybe one that doesn't bear being blown up onto a big canvas, but is still fun and fascinating to look back at."

Chosen by Rich Repeat (Repeat Fanzine)

The Go Team - Thunder, Lightening, Strike (2003)

“The debut offering from Brighton-based six-piece The Go! Team may seem like an odd choice for a Swansea album, but its recording in the garage (or kitchen, depending on what source you believe) of band member Ian Parton’s parents’ house means that one small part of Swansea will always belong to its melodic, noisy and nostalgic combination of distorted guitars, double Dutch chants, old school hip hop and soundtrack samples.”

Chosen by Rhys Williams (The Crunch / Swansea Fringe Festival)

William Poyer - Born Lucky (2016)

"It’s just an album of perfectly crafted Americana ballads. What’s not to like!"

Chosen by Sam Baggott (Holy Home Video / Samuel Owens) | Full album link

Hot Mass - Nervous Tensions (2016)

"Listening to Hot Mass’ music makes you want to go start your own punk rock band instantly, only problem is, you’re too busy listening to their album to make your own! Time well spent I guess."

Chosen by Cadi Rhind (Holy Home Video) | Full Album link

Soundwire - Soundwire (2019)

"Takes me on a journey I hope never ends"

Chosen by James Yates (Pastel) | Full Album Link

Sarah Birch - The ballad of peter & jane (2019)

"Bias aside, The Ballad Of Peter And Jane is an impossibly beautiful and emotional adventure for any listener - just about the perfect listening experience"

Chosen by Michael Kennedy (Sound Board Magazine / Welsh Connections) | Full Album Link

Nozzle - Red Rorry Rerrow Rorry (2000)

We couldn’t actually find anything from this album online! If you can locate please get in touch!

We couldn’t actually find anything from this album online! If you can locate please get in touch!

"When I was about 13 years old a friend from school lent me this Nozzle cd. I was instantly hooked on the amazing vocal melodies and the power of the guitar and drums"

Chosen by Ty Sloanes (Iron Gosling / Black Wolf Shows)

Ghast - Terrible Cemetery (2010)

“Perfect doom-fuelled heaviness.”

Chosen by Ben Cripwell (The Front Room)

Eleri Angharad - Earthbound (2019)

"A Modern mix of folk and country, it’s unique to hear a very delicate female voice in country music."

Chosen by AidenKeryn | Full Album Link

Suns of Thunders - Start as you mean to go Down (2015)

"It's pretty self explanatory xD - Start as you mean to get down xD"

Kei Ivett (The Bunkhouse, Swansea) | Full Album Link

Estuary Blacks - Estuary Blacks (2018)

“P H A T T”

Chosen by Rory Clark (Peter Greene / TI Punch Records) | Full Album Link

HAwthorne Avenue - Wildfire EP (2019)

"Love the overall vibe and the production is ace. Vocals are lovely and lyrics are emotive"

Chosen by Natalie Jones (Again, technically an EP, but another banger so we’ll allow it!) | Full EP Link

News From Nowhere - …and the human had half (2016)

"Poignant magic which captures the tragic beauty of Swansea"

Chosen by Rhys Underdown (Bandicoot) | Full Album Link

Geraint Rhys & The Lost Generation - All That is Left is Us (2015)

“I think Geraint Rhys is the type of musician and creative that can only be born out of a city like Swansea. Sensitive to life and surroundings. This album covers Trials and tribulations of growing up and belonging. It's a sincere album that shines. Added its a bilingual album and I find myself listening to more Welsh language music than ever before nowadays. But I believe in championing those active in the now I love some budgie, taint and the arteries but Geraint Rhys stands out to me as a contemporary Abertawe pearl, making DIY waves.”

Chosen by Bethan Groves (Swansea DJ) | Full Album Link

The Storys - The Storys (2005)

"The story’s self titled album is a favourite - the harmonies are sublime & it’s reminiscent of the west coast vibe of the 70’s”

Ayesha Pontin | Full Album Link

Goatboy - Superlube (2001)

“I first saw Goatboy as a 16 year old hatchling musician. They were the best live band I'd ever seen at that point. We were on a bill with them in a place called Ellingtons, which was a jazz venue for 50 years and is now flats. They had everything: a vicious groove; great songs; a twisted sense of humour...and they rocked like bastards, too. As a musician, they were the type of band that you see occasionally, where afterwards you inwardly resolve to get a whole lot better. And "Superlube" is their finest moment.”

Joel Morgan (King Goon)

The Pooh Sticks - Optimistic Fool (1995)

"It’s the jangly indie pop that’s simple, upbeat and happy. Very unfortunate I couldn’t ever catch them live!"

Josh David-Read (Cactus Haus / 50 Years of Music in Swansea)

Helen Love - Radio Hits 3 (2001)

"A pretty near perfect pot pourri of (im)perfect contradictions : melody and noise, arrogance and inclusivity, exceptional talent and democratic DIY aesthetics, incisive cutting lyrics and bang shang a-langs, pop nous and punk attitude, fuzzy guitars and sparkly vinyl, bubblegum trash and enduring tunes, Debbie and Joey: from Swansea Bay to the USA.”

Chosen by Rich Repeat (Repeat Fanzine)

The Arteries - Blood Sweat & Beers (2009)

"Absolutly ripping from the first track and throughout. Fun, anthemic and melancholy in equal measure, it’s impossible to listen and not move with the music."

Chosen by Adam Sillman (The Crunch / Swansea Fringe Festival)

And because it was impossible for Simon & Joe to choose just one album, here are three of each of our favourites, starting with Simon:


"12 songs & 28 minutes of madness & actual bangers. From the 10 second 'Donald Trump' to the 3:35 'Ssssnake or Die' this album is a super fun listen. Ssssnakes rule - buy them a beer"

Chosen by Simon

Beach Fatigue - Beach Fatigue (2016)

"I started listening to Beach Fatigue around the time of the Biggest Weekend last year (+ was lucky enough to see them live) and was completely hooked on this album."

Chosen by Simon

Trampolene - Swansea to Hornsey (2017)

"Thought provoking, powerful & real. I'll never forget the first time I heard Trampolene & I haven't forgotten the last. Cannot wait for album 2."

Chosen by Simon

Bomb the SUn - Bomb the SUn (2011)

“Bomb The Sun were mesmerising and eye-opening, developing in me a love for the heavier, riff-fueled side of music from the first listen. It's impossible not to fall victim to the Bomb The Sun groove.”

Chosen by Joe | Full album link

Aeronaut - Songs From The Outpost (2003)

“My first work experience placement (for my sins) was in Speed Music, and it set me on the path I've followed since. Aeronaut's 'Songs From The Outpost', with its jangly, DIY, Psychedelic Pop production provided the perfect soundtrack.”

Chosen by Joe | Full Album Link

Viva Machine - Viva Machine (2009)

Chosen by Joe | Full Album Link

Let us know what you think! And please let us know of your favourite albums from Swansea - I’ve genuinely loved discovering even more artists & albums from Swansea that I didn’t know were out there!

Compiled by Simon Parton

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