Gig of the week: Heavy on the Ride at Sin City

32 Heavy on the Ride.jpg

We head to Sin City this week for our featured gig of the week and what a show you're in for!! It'll be loud. It'll be rocky. It'll want to make you move. It'll make you want to bang your head. And this is largely down to the three ridiculously good bands on the bill.

Headlining the evening are Swansea legends Heavy on The Ride - if you live in Swansea & haven't heard of these guys you must be living under a rock, because these guys have a firm footprint on the music scene. For fans of Queens of the Stone Age, Mastadon, Zeppelin, Foo Fighters etc... 

Joining them on this killer night are Blackburn based band Sky Valley Mistress (who have been described as "a cacophony of rock n’ roll excellence" and local hard rockers Fallen Temples (described by Adam Walton as "Intoxicatingly melodic and genre defying".)

Tickets for the show are £4.00 - alternatively they'll be £5.00 on the door.