Artist of the week: Holy Home Video

“I ain’t lazy I just pick my battles, it don’t bother me if you see it that way. It may be crazy but this snake don’t rattle, I won’t apologise and that’s ok.”

I remember loving these lyrics from the first time I saw Holy Home Video when they supported Billy Lockett in Sin City last month and I came away thinking I need to hear more! (It's from their song This Snake Don’t Rattle which you can hear below).

Holy Home Video are Sam Baggott & Cadi Rhind and are at the forefront of the music scene that has emerged via Swansea University. Their sound is really wonderful – superbly crafted songs with a fantastic blend of country & folk, great lyrics and flawless vocals & harmonies. Their most recent tune “A Love So Sweet (I Can Taste It)” not only showcases this, but is wonderfully produced.

What’s even more impressive, is that they’re really great live too. They’re the type of duo who, when they play, make you want to stop what you’re doing and give them your full attention. The videos from their recent “Swansea Sessions” session proves this and showcases the great relationship that Sam and Cadi have when they play together. 

We suggest you head straight to their Soundcloud page to check out their two originals and two very special covers (Willy Mason & Bruce Springsteen) and see them live whenever you have the chance. 

If you’re reading this on the day we’re posting (Wednesday 4th April 2018) you can head to Brewstone in Uplands tonight to see them play some tunes! And if you’re reading this before the 28th April, you can come and see them play some tunes at our #SwanseaMusic in Conversation event at Unit Nineteen

We’re very much looking forward to hearing more from these guys.

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Written by Simon Parton