Words & Photos: Billy Stillman


As the fans and friends of South Wales’ much-loved Conflicts gather around the stage at The Bunkhouse, the band prepare themselves for a very last heartfelt performance.

Anyone could see that these guys have a natural talent for creating the sound of pure rage, whilst watching guitarist and vocalist Dan Phillips, and drummer Dai Jones’ hair flying and heads banging. The band ascend into catchy choruses similar to that of Enter Shikari, lead by the pounding Joey Jordison style beats, as singer and screamer Ieuan Southard parades through the scene. His impressive vocals go from low to even lower, dragging the rest of the doom down with him.

With the help of guitarist Ynyr ‘Pidge’ Thomas, the band lives up to their metalcore appearances while he perfectly executes the crab stance, not to mention the powerful squealing riffs.


During the set, Southard bends down after pouring his heart out into the mic, seemingly squeezed dry of all energy, but instantly shoots back up to give the audience everything he’s got, and for the last time. As a final goodbye to their fellow metal heads, the band invade the floor, carrying with them the drums.


The performance ends with a circling swarm of sweaty fans, worshipping the music coming from within. After each member plays their last note, Phillips and Jones embrace in brotherly arms, and the room gradually empties, leaving behind it a battered drum kit as a sign, long live Conflicts.

Support came from: ENMERKAR / I Am Gravity / DEFERENCE

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