Artist of The Week: Picsel

It takes true artistry to pull off a traditional approach to what is a well-traversed style of music with panache, freshness and an unavoidable originality, but Picsel do just this - penning, (in their own words) accidentally, a dizzying array of tunes that capture a vibrant, energetic band in their absolute creative prime. Indeed, before their debut album had even fully been recorded, Cardiff Indie label Phwoar and Peace snapped 'em up!

During the Swansea Fringe I only caught the first few, and last, songs of the band's set as I had to rush off to put out a (thankfully metaphorical) fire, but it was enough to realise these gents are truly top-notch - matching their shiny, beautifully produced recordings with a live show that highlights just what sets them apart from the rest.

From the Biffy Clyro-esque riffery and call-and-response vocals to a garage pop mentality more reminiscent of Weezer

I wasted spent a solid two hours of my Monday listening to their debut singles Status Update and Fat & Old on repeat after purchasing them through Bandcamp, and I feel they'll be songs I'll be revisiting over and over again in the coming weeks. I'd highly suggest you take a leaf out of my book and nab them yourselves!

Keep your eyes peeled for local shows and expect an album release soon!

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