Here at the Swansea Music Hub, we’re thrilled to be partners with Beacons - a new music support initiative for emerging musicians in Wales. Its focus is on live opportunities, industry knowledge & creative workshops.

Together, we are working with Beacons to help strengthen the support offered to emerging music-makers in Swansea.

This initial scoping project is centred around three areas, including live performances, creative workshops and industry knowledge sessions, all of which will be wide ranging, inclusive and across regions in Wales.

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Horizons / Gorwelion & Beacons Cymru host a day of free music industry panels, sessions, talks & networking at The Hyst for this year's Swansea Fringe Festival.




This initial research project is being co-ordinated by the Forté Project with support from various key partners nationwide. BEACONS is made possible by the Arts Council of Wales.